Hydroseeding is a lawn seeding process that utilizes slurry of seed, mulch, water, and fiver. We own and operate our own hydroseeding trucks and our employees are trained in hydroseeding so feel free to ask the M.J. Nicholls team about the process.

We use the highest quality of hydroseed to ensure that your lawn grows back hardy and healthy. In order to ensure the highest performance of grass seed, M.J. Nicholls uses premium quality John Deere Landscape Park Mixture. The hydroseed contains Kentucky Bluegrass (33.57% pure seed), Quicken Perennial Ryegrass (32.50% pure seed), Boreal Creeping Red Fescue (32.50% pure seed), Crab Grass Preventer, green dye, and Tacifier Glue for erosion control.

Let us help get you the lawn you’ve always wanted.

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Square Footage

1 – 3,000$420.00
3,001 – 6,000$780.00
6,001 – 9,000$1,080.00
9,001 – 12,000$1,320.00
12,001 – 15,000$1,500.00
15,001 – 20,000$1,800.00
20,000 and up$.10 per square foot

* Above rates are for hydroseeding only and do not reflect any prep work that may be involved (i.e. loam, grading, etc.)